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I’m a homeowner and want to update my shower. Can you install these products at my home or sell them to me for installation?

Quality Enclosures, Inc. is a wholesale manufacturer; we sell to the wholesale class of trade only. Our customers include glass shops, licensed installers and other shower door distributors.  We do not sell directly to homeowners.

Can you refer me to an installer in my area?

If your home is within the range of our clients, we would be happy to provide you with the names of several installers in your area. 

Do you sell replacement enclosure parts?

We can provide replacement parts to any of our authorized dealers.

I am an installer new to your product. Do you have any installation instructions or documentation available?

We provide installation specifications and many other tools on our Support page. This area is made available only to registered customers.

What is the best way to keep my glass and hardware clean without damaging it?

The best method for keeping your glass surface clean is to wipe the glass with a straight rubber blade or “squeegee” after every use. This ensures water and soap residue do not have a chance to dry on the surface of your shower enclosure. Use a soft towel to dry the frame and hardware after the “squeegee” has been used.

For light or regular cleaning, avoid using acid-based cleaning solutions, which are capable of blemishing the metal or glass of your enclosure. Instead, use a 50%-50% mixture of spring water and denatured alcohol. Surfaces with heavy build-up may require light scrubbing.

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